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Over 300 million US dollars of total investment amount.


More than 3333 acres of total area.

aluminum alloy

Our manufacturing process adopts 6061 aluminum alloy (aerospace aluminum) direct forging.

Why Choose Us

Basing Hebei Meilunmel Alloy Technology Co, Ltd. and by consistent development, Tianjin Sunland International Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in Hebei province next to Belijing. which is one of the biggest wheel manufacturers in China with over 300 million US dollars of total investment amount and more than 3333 acres of total area. We have many years of rich experience in producing forged wheels and promises to make every effort to meet customer needs, turn seemingly impossible goals into effective and reasonable solutions. Continuous technological innovation and improvement of services to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Our Strength

Our factory with introduction of the most advanced technology and equipment from US, Europe and Japan, we are capable of producing high grade forged alloy wheels for passenger car, truck, ATV, UTV, SUV, commercial truck and so on. Each place of our products has to strictly conform to work flow and be tested stage by stage until it is perfect to send out to customers.In the past few years, our forged alloy wheels made us not only qualify the TUV, JWL, VIA standards but also obtain complete trust from customers around the world simultaneously.

Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process adopts 6061 aluminum alloy (aerospace aluminum) direct forging, the overall super plastic one-time rapid prototyping process, refines the grain, optimizes the micro structure, and at the same time preserves the complete metal forging streamline, the mechanical properties of the straight forged product Higher, avoiding the defects such as looseness, pores, poor impact of cast aluminum alloy, and spinning and stacking defects of forging and spinning products.

Our Advantages

It solves the constraints on the production link, and can achieve stable mass production with high efficiency, high production rate, and low energy consumption. The forging process does not undergo a solid-liquid-solid transformation process, avoiding impurities, bubbles, etc., due to high pressure forging, the molecules between the alloy components will be smaller, the gaps will be finer, the density will be higher, and the interaction force between the material molecules Stronger and tougher. Moreover, the material utilization rate is high, the wheel hub is light in weight, and its rigidity, strength, shock absorption and product life are better than similar forging and casting products.